Trixon Perfection and Sound

Established in 1947 Hamburg Germany by Karl-Heinz Weimer. Trixon drums are remarkable for their innovations in their construction, including conical and ellipsoidal shaped shells, Cocktail Kits and unique designs in mounting hardware. Our Full Lineup has now expanded further including

Top of Class Professional Marching Drums, & Concert Percussion including Timpani,Xylophone, & Marimbas


Originally hand built by founder Karl Heinz Weimer in his Hamburg, Germany workshop, . Trixon Drums quickly gained popularity with American jazz drummers of the 1950s and we had several major artist endorsements, including Buddy Rich, and Lionel Hampton. There are photos of Ringo Starr of The Beatles playing (borrowed) Trixon drums during the band's early days in Hamburg, before his endorsement of Ludwig drums in 1963.

On the cusp of Celebrating our 75th Anniversary we at Trixon look forward to continue the Tradition instilled by our Founder Karl Heinz Weimer a spirit of new innovation and the pleasure of Serving Drummers around the World