T1 Timpani Mallets

Trixon T1 Timpani Mallets

• Quality Maple
• Medium Soft King George Felt Tip
• Ergonomic Design
• For all-around playing on Timpani or Kettle Drums

Karl-Heinz Weimer, coming from a musical family has very early had contact to percussion instruments. He studied tympany in Stuttgart. With his brothers and sisters he played in cafe-houses and filled the audience with enthusiasm by giving interludes on the xylophone. Later on at his military service, he went on being a tympanist by `drumming for Germany` – that`s the way he described it himself – at the 13th Ulans of Luneburg on horseback. However his dream was building drums and drumsets himself.

After the war had ended, Weimer built a small plant for drum manufacturing, only equipped with a hammer, a pair of tongues and a lot of optimism. He was able to acquire wood and metal parts but there were no drum heads. With the help of a stranger he found what he had searched for in a wast pit – the goods came out of a depot. Now the production could start ! With a start-up-capital of DM 40,00 (less than $ 20.00) he founded the TRIXON Company on September 18 1947, being run as a one-man-company in these first days. Within a few years the TRIXON musical instruments earned worldwide reputation. TRIXON vibraphones, -xylophones, -stage desks, -drumsets and -accessories were unique proof of special ideas and considered great attention in Germany and in all countries where they appeared for the first time.

T1 Timpani Mallets

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