JBR Bass Drum Mallets – Small

Trixon JBR Bass Drum Mallets – Small

Pair Marching Mallets for bells, bass drums and marching toms.

Drum Size Options:
Marching Bass Mallets
Finished Maple wood shafts with rounded hard Large King George Felt Tip heads.
JBR/JB1 Small; 16″, 18″, 20″
JB2 Medium; 22″, 24″
JB3 Large; 26″, 28″
JB4 Extra Large; 28″ & Up

Besides Buddy Rich, among the TRIXON drummer there were such stars as Lionel Hampton, Sam Woodyard, Phil Seamon, Bill Haley’s drummer, the vibraphone player Victor Feldman and many more.

JBR Bass Drum Mallets – Small

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