Trixon Solist Hammered Copper Snare Drum 14 by 6.5″


Prepare yourself for the best of both worlds! Trixon proudly presents a hand-hammered copper snare drum that offers the warm sonic properties of a wood snare and at the same time offers brass-like brightness and that certain “fat honk” you expect from hand-crafted metal. 1.2mm of hand-hammered copper allows this snare to be tuned lower than your standard steel snare without giving up projection and volume.

Our Copper is mined at Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah and contains a proprietary density ratio that we special order. While awaiting hand assembly the copper resides in climate controlled facilities so when the shells are formed the metallurgy hasn’t changed from its purest form. When the copper is ready for production it is machine drawn and spun for consistent thickness. Next our small team of metal artisans use a mix of early 20th Century hammering machines and old-school muscle-powered hand hammers to create beautiful and strong copper shells.

Our shell hardware uses Low Mass Multi-Point Cylinder Lug Technology™. This technology allows for a single cylinder lug attached to the absolute middle of the drum shell to be anchored into the shell by multiple attachment points. The natural physics of our low mass cylinders direct tensioned-energy equally into the multiple mounting points on the lug. The arrangement of this hardware in relation to the shell minimizes the amount of metal-through-wood contact and maximizes sound producing area. Multiple point anchors assure equal drum head tension throughout the snare.

Trixon lugs, hoops and tension rods are CNC designed and created with our Infinite Tuning Technology™. The ability to tune the drum head to an almost infinitely desire of tension without fear of stripping the rods allows the players a greater range and the ability to tune for different sounds. Die cast copper hoops are spun to exact specifications before being TIG welded and laser cut for the tension rods. Die cast hoops resonate along the drum shell and increase sharpness, clarity and overtones.

Most importantly for our fans and players of Trixon Snares is our quality control process. We use X-Ray technology and random selection to ensure that every drum we produce is of the highest quality. We pride ourselves in being able to produce drums and incredible quality for players on honest budgets.

Trixon Solist Hammered Copper Snare Drum 14 by 6.5″

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Trixon Solist Hammered Copper Snare Drum 14 by 6.5″ Trixon Solist Hammered Copper Snare Drum 14 by 6.5″

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